Come, let us worship—찬송과 예배

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Come, let us worship — 찬송과 예배 is a bilingual English/Korean hymnal published jointly by the United Presbyterian Church (Geneva Press) and the United Methodist Church (Abingdon-Cokesbury) in 2001; each denominational publisher issued its own edition; they contain the same hymns, but differ slightly in the liturgical materials (orders of worship and the like) which precede the musical contents.

Recognizing the dangerous linguistic and generational cleavage that exists in ethnic Korean congregations of their denominations, the hymnal's compilers and their denominational sponsors set out to produce a completely bilingual hymnal that would facilitate joint worship in the two languages. The hymnal contains 392 hymns and an appendix of some 71 selections from the Psalms arranged for responsive reading with sung refrains (also a Nunc Dimittis to be read in English and/or sung in Korean). Most of the indexes and prefatory matter are also given in both languages.

The hymnal is a valuable source for singable English versions of hymns originally written in Korean.