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Every compilation that uses tune names must occasionally decide between competing names for the same tune. Thus, what we call New Britain is often called Amazing Grace, and occasionally McIntosh, among other possible names. These are alternate tune names, and are entered in the Wiki in order to help people who use them (or encounter them in the literature) to find their way to the pertinent page, which is the one headed by the name the editor of the site has chosen to prefer. Sometimes, over time, one name supplants another. Thus, what was once frequently called Portuguese Hymn is now almost always called Adeste Fideles, and what was once called Joanna is now almost always called St. Denio. In recent years, Valet will ich dir geben seems to be gaining ground against St. Theodulph, though Ave Maria klärer doesn't seem to be making corresponding headway against Ellacombe. In other cases (like New Britain vs. Amazing Grace, or Martyrdom vs. Avon) the names seem to coexist, and many hymnals actually note both, as e.g. Martyrdom (Avon).

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