Adoru, 2001

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Adoru (often written in all caps: ADORU; full title Adoru: Ekumena Diserva Libro, meaning "Worship: An Ecumenical Service Book"), published in 2001, is the largest, most comprehensive, most ecumenical, and most impressive hymnal and service book (in addition to hymns and other songs, the volume contains hundreds of other worship materials) in the Esperanto language. The book consists of well over 1400 pages, and contains 926 numbered items (in many cases several songs appear under a single number, hence the total number is greater than the humbering system at first makes it appear). It was edited and prepared for publication by a team consisting of a Lutheran pastor, the late Adolf Burkhardt, and two Catholic priests, Bernhard Eichkorn and Albrecht Kronenberger, all Germans. In principle, music is given for all the songs, although to save space in most cases only melody lines and chords are indicated; in many cases the songs are cross-referenced with their numbers in Adoru kantante, 1971, which contains four-part settings for part-singing and/or keyboard accompaniment.