The Hymnal, 1956 (RLDS)

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The Hymnal is a compilation, consising of 583 numbered hymns, plus indexes, published in 1956 by Herald Publishing House for the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (RLDS); this organization now stles itself "Community of Christ".

Copies printed after 1958 contain one fewer hymns, since No. 580, Come, Come, Ye Saints, has been replaced by a blank page with only this text: "580 Deleted by action of the General Conference on October 7, 1958."

The hymnal is particularly valuable for its inclusion of hymns of RLDS origin rarely encountered elsewhere, such as Shall we gather home to Zion (set to Robert Lowry's Hanson Place) or the Christmas song Silvery star, precious star (set to an RLDS tune, Starlight and Song).