My Friend

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Sheet Music

Tune from Relief Society Song Book, 1919, no. 67



Lyrics from Relief Society Song Book, 1919, no. 67

1. My Friend, I look to Thee most kind and true,
To shield and comfort me life’s journey thro’
Darkness and death extend with wild increase,
And still with Thee, my Friend, is perfect peace,
Is perfect peace.

2. I have no pow’r to fill life’s great design,
Save as I learn Thy will and make it mine,
Help me to understand Thy faintest call;
Let me but touch Thy hand, I shall not fall,
I shall not fall.

3. Sure is Thy promise true to all who hear,
And Thou wilt guide my feet I have no fear,
So all life’s journey thro’ until the end,
I’ll trust Thy love most true, my perfect Friend,
My perfect Friend.