Joseph Smith (Parry)

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Sheet Music

Version from Deseret Sunday School Songs, 1909 (no. 232)



Lyrics from Deseret Sunday School Songs, 1909 (no. 232)

1. Renowned as the birthplace of patriots,
And the home of brave heroes of yore,
Vermont, thy name,
And thy fair fame,
Are glorified now the more;
For amid thy stately mountains,
On Sharon's verdant sod,
There came to earth
In mortal birth
A Prophet of our God.

2. A herald of truth to the nations,
He came with power rife,
With a message of love,
From the courts above,
Proclaiming the way of life;
He gazed thro' the portals of heaven,
And glad tidings to earth he brought;
He revealed to man
Salvation's plan;
And he died for the truths he taught.

3. One century of the ages,
'Mid splendor has rolled away,
Since that bright morn
On which was born
That Seer of latter day;
Yet in triumph he lives immortal,
Tho' his warfare on earth is o'er;
With a light divine
His glory shall shine
As the stars forevermore.