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Registration Data

  • HymnWiki saves registration data only for the purposes of registration and the said data will never be sold, rented or given out. This includes email addresses.

Content Submitted to HymnWiki

  • This content is available for public viewing (i.e. hymn articles, uploaded files, and so forth). Anyone may reuse any content you post or upload on HymnWiki how they will provided they use it on HymnWiki: to use it off-site, they must have license to do so. If you wish restrictions to be upon your work, please make a note of this in the article (and only if you own the right to do so)—otherwise provide the appropriate licensing information (i.e. tell users, on your articles with your content, what you allow them to do).

Nabble and Blogger

  • HymnWiki is not affiliated with Nabble, nor with Blogger - please see their privacy policies, disclaimers, and such. This section is in regards to the forums and blog for this site.