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A disambiguation page is one that contains links to different articles that would otherwise have the same name (typically, the disambiguation page is named the name that they would all otherwise have, or that + disambiguation in parentheses).


To create a disambiguation page, just create a page with the desired name, place {{disambig}} at the top of the page, and then add the links to the various pages, from that page, manually. It is important to use the {{disambig}} template so that we will know when pages link to a disambiguation page rather than to the correct article. See Special:Disambiguations for a list of articles that need their links altered to reflect the current state of things.


  • Add the composer or poet's name in parentheses after the article name.
  • Add (Term) after a term.
  • Add further identifiers as sense dictates; ask on the support forum when in doubt as to what to do. You will need to register with Nabble if you haven't yet, in order to post to the forum.