Beyond the Glittering Starry Sky

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1841

Hymn 64
1. Beyond the glitt'ring starry sky,
Which God's right hand sustains,
There, in the boundless world of light,
Our great Redeemer reigns.

2. Legions of angels, strong and fair,
In countless armies shine,
At his right hand with golden harps,
To offer songs divine.

3. Hail, Prince! they cry, for ever hail!
Whose unexampled love
Moved thee to quit these blissful realms
And royalties above!

4. While from the sons of men on earth
He suffered rude disdain.
They threw their honors at his feet
And waited in his train.

5. Through all his travels here below
They did his steps attend;
Oft gazed, and wondered where at length
This scene of love would end.

6. They heard him in the garden groan,
And saw his sweat of blood;
They saw his pierced hands and feet
Nailed to the cursed wood!

7. They saw him break the bars of death,
Which none e'er broke before;
And rise in conqu'ring majesty,
To stoop to death no more.

8. They brought his chariot from above,
To bear him to his throne;
And with a shout, exulting cried,
The glorious work is done!