Rest for the Weary Soul

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Sheet Music

Tune from Relief Society Song Book, 1919, no. 81



Lyrics from Relief Society Song Book, 1919, no. 81

1. Rest, rest, for the weary soul,
Rest, rest, for the aching head,
Rest, rest, on the hillside, rest
With the great uncounted dead.

2. Rest, rest, for the battle’s o’er,
Rest, rest, for the race is run,
Rest, rest, where the gates are closed
With each ev’ning’s setting sun.

3. Peace, peace, where no strife intrudes,
Peace, peace, where no quarrels come,
Peace, peace, for the end is there
Of our wild life’s busy hum.

4. Peace, peace, the oppressed are free,
Rest, rest, oh, ye weary, rest;
For the angels guard those well
Who sleep on their mother’s breast.

5. Peace, peace, there is music’s sound,
Peace, peace, till the rising sun
Of the ressurrection morn
Proclaims life’s vict’ry won.