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See poetic meter. Note that adding a D at the end means it's doubled, and T means tripled (this is likely not standard, but it works well here). Please do not list poetic meters here by their conventional names, such as, C.M., L.M., S.M., M.H., C.P.M., 11s., 8s & 6s, etc. Just use the actual numbers written out (with the exception of doubling and tripling them) to represent them: i.e. 11 11 11 11 instead of 11s. You may, however, make articles with the conventional names that redirect to these categories (this is mostly already done, however). Please only uses spaces to separate the numbers (instead of the more traditional . or /). Don't be afraid to put meters here, even if you think they'll only ever have one song in their categories (one of the purposes of this page is to allow people to search for certain meters, and to make this a useful resource for song-writers).


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