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General Information

HymnWiki's chat is hosted through AlphaChat.net (a free, but rather good, service). Be warned, if you browse the channels, they are not related to HymnWiki and may contain vulgar content in their descriptions or otherwise.

Live Webchat

  • HymnWiki live chat (Chat with other hymnists, hymnologists, enthusiasts or whoever happens to be logged in.)

IRC Information

  • Channels: #hymnwiki; server=irc.alphachat.net (Use port 7777 if you want SSL/TLS. See http://www.irc-wiki.org/AlphaChat for more connection information (more servers, ports, etc.) See the official AlphaChat rules.)
  • Important commands: (1) /msg nickserv help (2) /msg chanserv help (3) /msg memoserv help (4) /msg botserv help (5) /msg nickserv help set (6) /msg chanserv help set (7) /nick myNick (8) /msg nickserv register myPassword myEmail (9) /msg nickserv set enforce on (10) /msg chanserv register #myChannel (11) /j #myChannel
  • IRC clients (e.g. AndChat on Android/Kindle Fire, etc.)